I samarbeid med Petra Börner har Bookbinders Desing lagd nydelige notatblokker og herlige kort med motivene "Mother Nature" og "Venus


"My work is based on natural references, growing motives, but not exclusively. I like to create a contrast between wavy lines and graphically powerful shapes, it feels like it creates a good dynamic. In my work I use different techniques, usually I start from a pencil drawing. Sometimes I work on motifs by cutting out shapes in layers of paper and thus creating a graphic motif made of color blocks.  I started working this way in collaboration with textile work for customers in fashion. It was a good way of showing ideas and coloring (pre-photoshop for me). I like how the color fields contrast with each other. The original color setting can then be changed in phase with the collection or season, presented in fewer or more color choices. The course of the work thus goes from an involved sketch, with many lines and details, to a 'shader' and 'cleaner' motif with color blocks."